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“I just wanted to pop in and tell you how great I think your products are and I think its important to give credit where credit it due.
I am a Melbourne based Nutritionist and I am obsessed."

(Zoe P.)

“I bought a pack of your Quinoa & Chia Straws with Wasabi yesterday  at Coles.

Yummo! Very crunchy and nice hint of wasabi. I’m looking forward to trying your other products too.”

(Renata E)

“I purchased a pack of your Roasted Jalapeno Protein Chips and wanted to give you my feedback. I am a big fan of chips and have tried many varieties over the years.
I wanted to say the Roasted Jalapeno Protein Chips are the best chips I have ever tasted!
They are so flavoursome and spicy, it is the perfect balance. Thank you for making such an amazing product, it was the highlight of my day.”


Some offices bring in doughnuts to share, some chocolate, others left overs for a party.
Our team gets super excited when, once a week, someone brings in a bag of The Wholesome Food Company 'Roasted Jalapeno Protein Chips' - which everyone eats within the first 5 minutes.
(Chris R.) 

Hello! Today I purchased a bag of your lentil chips! Easily the best tasting thing I’ve ever tried. I shared it around at work and EVERY SINGLE PERSON who tried it went bananas! I'd love to thank you for making my snack life just that little bit better.
(Maserati K.)

I would just like to thank you for creating these delicious chips. I am always looking for a healthy snack, and I'm looking forward to trying some of your other chip varieties.
(Michelle P.) 

We love your products! My 4 year old son is addicted to your lentil chips (I think I'll need to bulk buy). As a working single mum, products like these are big help, especially organic and non-GMO snacks. Keep up the great work!
(Laura D.)

I just wanted to say i love your chips to the moon and back! they’re the healthiest and most genuine brand of chips i’ve managed to find and don’t break out my skin! i just wanted to say a big thank you and if you never stop making chips i’ll never stop buying them!!
(Kaifa Z.)

I just tried your chickpea chips, and I want to say that it's great to finally have a crunchy snack that has legumes as the main ingredient, and no artificial (i.e. additives with numbers next to them) in the ingredients.

Great for people who are vegan who are always looking for easy ways to boost our protein intake. As for everyone else, the more plant based protein you sneak into their snack food, the less likely they'll be to crave meat. Good for us, and good for the planet.


You guys makes the most delicious chips in the entire universe and I’m telling you I’ve eaten a lot of chips in my time. I’ve travelled far and wide and I am yet to find a more perfect, delicious chip. If I open a packet there is zero chance that there will ever be anything but a crumb left. Keep up the amazing chippery, stay chipper and thank you.

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